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At Money Matters for Youth, we believe that exposure to financial literacy can change lives.

Our students are investors because they are our investment in the future.

Youth Ages 8 – 18

Money Matters For Youth is a Detroit-based financial literacy program for children. Our mission is to teach children of all ages the basis of economics and financial responsibility though a five-day annual camp for youth “investors.”

All camp activities encourage financial awareness and literacy, goal setting, collaboration and personal presentation, while also teaching children the importance of diversity and of maintaining positive relationships.

The ultimate goal of Money Matters For Youth is to provide a program that is committed to fostering the social, emotional, and cognitive growth of young people while preparing them to have professional and personal success while giving back to their community.


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Online Stock Portfolio

Taking stock into their future and how to begin an online stock portfolio.

Financial Garden

How to plant a financial garden and have Five avenues of income streams each day

Business Ideas

Entrepreneurship – They will start their own business! and learn Business etiquette


Budgeting Skills

improve my budgeting skills and Learn to analyze your expenses.It’s about Wealthcare – How to obtain wealth, but most of all care

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Opportunities for scholarships and scholarship information and saving money for college. Internships, job assistance, and interviewing skills


Our Community

Learn that Success Benefits Others First and How to give back to their community and A link to community services based on need

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Golf Lessons

Golf lessons (most business deals are made on the golf course!)

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Life Skills

  • How to create a vision board

  • How to write thank-you notes

  • Cooking and healthy eating skills

  • Ballroom dancing

  • The art of investing in photography

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Public Speaking Skills

Learn Public speaking skills An have an opportunity to become a inspiration to many people

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